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  • Babysitter cancel?
  • Stuck at work?
  • Feeling under the weather?
  • Just feel like staying in your PJs?

Now you can utilize your webcam for your counseling sessions! Never miss another appointment. 
(for established Texas resident clients)

While using the telephone or webcam for therapy is not ideal, online video conferencing can be an effective and convenient addition to face-to-face sessions.

The service we use is Virtual Therapy Connect. Click the button below and follow these instructions to schedule your appointment!button

  1. Register as a new client. Client accounts are free.
  2. Once you receive your username and password, go to your therapist’s unique Virtual Therapy Office URL and login.
  3. If you don’t know your therapists unique Virtual Therapy Office URL or your therapist does not have one, just login to the site and then search for your therapist’s listing on our “Find A Therapist” page.
  4. Once you are viewing your therapist’s Virtual Office, click at the top of the page “Request to Connect with Therapist”

The therapist will receive a notification that a client is requesting to connect and will need to log in and accept the connection. The connection must be accepted by the therapist in order for a client to to use the private messaging feature, as well as to be able to participate in video consultations with the therapist.


Please be aware that Virtual Therapy Connect is not a crisis center, and if you are in need of immediate help please call your local crisis center, dial 911, or present to the nearest emergency room.  If you are having suicidal thoughts and live in the US you can also call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-784-2433.


Is technology confidential?
Yes, however all technology is limited and carries with it the possibility of being compromised. We will take every step we can to ensure your Protected Health Information is kept private.

Will my technology work with your technology?

Please click this link to make sure you can access us via your Mac or PC.

Can I use video counseling if I am out of state?
In some cases. Your counselor is only licensed to practice within the state of Texas so you may only utilize video counseling while you are in Texas. If you have to travel out of state temporarily, or if you are out of state and have an emergency, your counselor may agree to have a session. Be prepared to provide your address at the time of the session, and a local emergency contact.

Can I use video counseling for my first counseling session?
No. Your initial session must be face-to-face for several reasons. At your first session you will be asked to sign a service agreement and you and your counselor will discuss what counseling can and cannot do to help. Also, you will establish a method of payment and confirm your address and identification.

Can I use video counseling for all of my counseling sessions?
No. Face-to-face counseling is still considered best practice for the counseling profession. We prefer to use video counseling to supplement face-to-face counseling, not as a stand-alone modality.

Do you have other questions? Call 936-697-2822 and schedule a 10 minute phone consultation today!

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