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Assessment and Basic Tools for Individuals

At the first session, Dr. Walker will ask you a lot of questions. She will not only ask about the issue you presented in your ten minute consultation, she will also ask about your history, recent stressors, health issues, what has worked with other therapists, and what hasn’t worked. At the conclusion of this 60-minute assessment she will explain clearly how counseling with her will help. She will also tell you honestly if she feels her expertise is not a good fit for your issues and refer you to another professional.

If you and Dr. Walker agree to go forward, she will give you something to read, write, or look up on the Internet. At the second session, you will offer feedback on the homework so you and Dr. Walker can course-correct. By the third session you will have a good idea if working with Dr. Walker will be a good fit for you. You can expect to leave that third session with resources to navigate your issue and a direction for any future work.

Dr. Walker’s solution-focused goal-oriented approach can help individuals begin to feel some symptom relief right away. Many times, individuals, excited about their progress, decide to use more therapy sessions to find symptom relief in other areas. If that is the case, then we will offer you sessions focused on specific tools.


Specific Tools

‘Specific Tools’ sessions consist of a ‘cycle’ (three sessions). These sessions are goal-oriented and solution-focused and individuals are expected to work on issues outside of the sessions. We bundle these sessions into groups of three, and for convenience, individuals may choose to pre-pay bundles in order to receive a discount.

Individuals are usually able to experience significant symptom relief after only a few ‘Specific Tools’ sessions. We realize some issues may require more time, or new issues may arise. For those reasons, if all parties agree, we are able to offer ‘Supportive Therapy.’


Supportive Therapy

Supportive therapy is for individuals who are dealing with new issues, or, are dealing with issues that require more time. Our strategy is still solution-focused and goal-oriented. Like ‘Specific Tools’ sessions, ‘Supportive Therapy’ sessions are bundled into three, and for convenience, clients may choose to pre-pay bundles in order to receive a discount.

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