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Social Skills Activities for Kids on the Autism Spectrum

Technology is making the task of teaching social skills to children with Aspergers a lot more fun than it use to be.  Special needs apps for Asperger’s Syndrome for the iPad are leading the way in terms of ease of use and superior graphics, and proving to be an excellent source of social skills activities for kids dealing with a variety of special needs issues, from autism to Asperger’s.  Here are 8 great apps for Aspergers children:


Model Me Going Places                        Free     (Model Me Kids)

This app offers 6 icons that involve social stories related to places children frequently encountered in daily life.  The visual cues and images are professionally done.  The six social stories include Hairdresser, Mall, Doctor, Playground, Grocery Store and Restaurant.

iCommunicate                                        $49.99   (Grembe, Inc.)

With this app your child can create pictures, storyboards, routines and visual schedules.  You can also create custom audio in any language.  This app enables you to include pictures from your camera or Google images.

GarageBand                                                $4.99    (Apple)

This application allows children to learn to play a musical instrument.  There are several instruments to choose from and learning is interactive.  Children can record themselves playing the instrument and then play it back.  The app also provides instruction on writing music and composing an original piece.

Pictello                                                        $18.99   (AssistiveWare)

This app is comprised of a storybook for activities of daily living.  Your child can incorporate personal pictures in order to help them share verbally with others.

ABA Flashcards-Emotion                       Free   (

This app provides a classic social skills development tool with a twist.  The emotion cards show pictures of children actually engaging in the emotion in natural settings.  The lifelike images and realistic settings should make transfer of training more comprehensive.

Social Stories                                             $6.00 (MDR)

This social skills activity for kids uses real to life pictures and stories that children will encounter every day.  Examples include classroom rules, reciprocal play and taking turns.  There and 6 stories total.

Tom the Talking Cat                                $.99 (Outfit7)

The cat in this app repeats what is said and even imitates pitch and tone.  Great communication tool and practice for speech.

Loopz                                                             $1.99 (Mattel)

This app requires your child to follow the music that is played and copy it from memory.  It is great tool for building memory and listening skills.  You can even purchase the board game to play along with the app.


Jo Ann Broquie is licensed in Texas as a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology and a Licensed Professional Counselor.

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