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Does Marriage Counseling Work?

In our marriage counseling Houston area practice, the following is a generalized scenario our couples often articulate as a common experience that led them to marriage and family therapy:

Dirk finished the last of his paperwork when he heard Dee climb into bed and switch off the light. “Oh great,” he thought. “I forgot how late it was and she’s going to be angry. Again.” He pushed his chair back from his desk and headed toward their bedroom.

Honey?” he asked, realizing it was probably too late but he should try anyway, “you asleep yet?”

“Let’s see,” Dee began, her stomach already aching from the knots twisting away at her insides, “I’ve managed two carpools today, three doctor’s appointments, and cooked dinner for five, so I’m a little tired. Why? Do you need something?”

“No, no. Just hoping you missed me.” Dirk feared he was not hiding his simmering anger very well. Lately Dee had been doing everything for everyone. Everyone except him of course.

“Miss you?” Dee shot out from under the covers and switched on the light. “I never even see you anymore! The kids live for the weekends with you, but I don’t even have that!”

Dick thought, “Here we go with the ‘you work too much,’ and ‘you never have time for me.’ Well what was he supposed to do? Let them all starve? He was tired and these arguments never ended up anywhere anyway. Angrily he shut the door and went back to his office and got back on his computer.

What can this couple do to save their marriage? Their family?  Is this a situation that calls for this couple to consider involvement into marriage and family counseling programs, and really, does marriage counseling work?

Marriage and family therapy programs are core mental health specialization programs. Marriage and family therapists provide couples and families with the help they need to navigate difficult life cycle stages and make positive changes to the way they communicate with one another. If therapy is a good fit for you, schedule an initial appointment. With persistence and help from your therapist you may see the changes you have been waiting for.

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