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Achieve Balance Today!
Sounds great, but how?
Welcome to my Blog. I’m Kate Walker and in addition to founding and owning ( and our new non profit Ann’s Place ( I am a licensed professional counselor supervisor and a licensed marriage and family therapist supervisor. Every day I’m going to give you hints and tidbits of information about achieving balance in your relationships, your work, and within yourself. I don’t presume to have all the answers, so I plan to direct you to resources written by experts in the field of health, nutrition, exercise, spirituality, recreation, communication; you name it. My ambitious goal is to be your one-stop-shop for topics related to achieving balance.

To do what I do for a living, I must have faith in my client’s ability to help him or herself. To that end I am asking for your help. Your comments to my posts will help your fellow man/woman who may need help today. There are some rules to the game, however.

• Posts that use profanity, vulgarity, mean-spirited comments and general nastiness will not see the light of day (or your computer screen).
• Although I enjoy a good debate/product placement/soap box pontification as much as the next person, those types of comments probably won’t make the cut either.
• Be helpful, be short, and be nice.

Thanks for joining me. Now, let’s go make a difference!

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